Sunday, November 16, 2008

Blog Post: Tandberg, OCS 2007 and CCM 4.3 integration - part 3

Here is the final part of these posts, we will talk about configuring the CCM/Tandberg to work all together, this will let you leverage the conferencing capability from any phone anywhere, it is cool and very important and I found that most of the Tandberg customers don’t know about it.


To make it works, make sure to do the following steps at the 4200 MCU:

-       From the Gateway menu, add a new gateway, type in the IP of the Cisco Call manager.

And you are done J.


From the Cisco Call manager, follow the below steps:

-       Add the MCU as a gateway.

-       From the routing plans, add a new route pattern, this will match a number (for example 1000) and route this pattern using the gateway you just configured.

Using the above if a user internally calls 1000, he will be prompted with the Codian MCU autoattendant, the 1000 extension should be reachable from the outside using either digits manipulation..etc so users from the external telephone network can dial that number.


No users in the OCS can add the conference ID as a user and call that user, also call from the phone the MCU and amazingly they can hear users from the Video Conference points and on the OC clients.




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