Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Help stoping Confiker worm

As you might know, Confiker worm is spreading all over the world and hitting so bad, I read the architecture of the worm and it is so tricky.


the worm installs itself in the system by registering several DLLs files and service into the system, then it starts to downloads instructions from the internet on how to work, interact and change itself.


I have paid a close attention to the worm since the early days, we have been scanning our systems and network on weekly basis to isolate infected PCs and thanks god we have none, what me me write today that I read an article today indicating that baout 4.5 Million PC WW are infected with the Confiker worm.


below are some steps to help you protecting your network:

- Install Microsoft hotfix


- Confiker owns 250 domain per day, so you can use to start blocking those domains, since they work with the IBM security research center to block access to those domains.

- use nessus to scan your network, I prefer using NMAP.


- Finally pray and ask god to help you network.


Visit the Microsoft's Confiker page:


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