Saturday, August 22, 2009

IPility Training Center has been launched

back again to blogging, it has been so long time since my last blog entry, I have went through several ups and downs that led me to leave my work as Infra. manager for PHD and moving as a senior conusltant in Ingazat information systems.

within this step I had the opportunity to open my own training center, I had the chance to build it as I need and fully conduct the sessions that I want to deliver thus I had the chance to deliver the message and expand my knowledge and experience and share it with other consultants and IT pros in Egypt and in the region.

When I decided to open that training center, I thought about fellow IT pros in the region who are seeking an advanced training which is usually located in europe or the USA or suffering from the bad quality of the current training sessions conducted by others.

Quality, Expereince and level of depth was the 3 main factors and pilars of the my own training center and I believe that you will notice through the type of courses we deliver.

IPility training center can be accessed throught this URL, additional sessions will be posted later as announed hoping that I will be able to grap your attention

Mahmoud Magdy

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