Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Huge announcement for Ingazat Today

I will 2 excellent news for all of you, Today Ingazat has signed the partnership agreement with ENOW, ENOW is the provider of mailscape is the award winning Exchange monitoring and reporting software, mailscape has been awarded best Exchange monitoring software for last couple of year, and has been selected by several Enterprise customers worldwide like foxnews groups.

Also Ingazat has signed the agreement with GFI software, GFI are providing several Enterprise and SMB products like award winning GFI webmonitor for ISA and languard software.

As we are doing heavily Exchange , AD, System management and UC we always wanted to deliver end to end solution for our customer and have been very careful in selecting our partner, so as ENOW and GFI and I believe that customers in the region will enjoy best software worldwide implemented and services by Ingazat consulting team.

So happy about this step for Ingazat and our partners as well, I am looking forward for bigger and better future for both of us.

ENOW: http://www.enowconsulting.com/

GFI: www.gfi.com


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