Friday, April 9, 2010

Exchange 2010 Bug- Sync Issues with clients

you might have an Exchange 2010 setup, doing DAG and another server for HUB/CAS, when clients tries to sync OAB they get the following:

15:46:28 Synchronizer Version 12.0.4518
15:46:28 Synchronizing Mailbox 'User Name'
15:46:28 Synchronizing Hierarchy
15:46:28 Synchronizing server changes in folder 'Inbox'
15:46:28 Downloading from server 'Exchange1'
15:46:28 2 view(s)/form(s) added to offline folder
15:46:28 Downloading from server 'Exchange1'
15:46:28 3 view(s)/form(s) added to offline folder
15:46:28 1 view(s)/form(s) updated in offline folder
15:46:29 Uploading to server 'Exchange1'
15:46:29 1 item(s) deleted in online folder
15:46:29 Synchronizing Forms
15:46:29 Downloading from server 'Exchange2'
15:46:29 Error synchronizing folder
15:46:29 [80004005-501-4B9-560]
15:46:29 The client operation failed.
15:46:29 Microsoft Exchange Information Store
15:46:29 For more information on this failure, click the URL below:
15:46:29 Done
15:46:33 Microsoft Exchange offline address book
15:46:33 Download successful

Microsoft has confirmed that it is a bug, ETA to be SP1


Milton said...

Hi, are you sure about this information? Because i have the same issue [80004005-501-4B9-560]on clients over Exch 2010. I want to know if you have a Microsoft article with this information.



Busbar said...

Hi Milton,
There is no KB for it, AFAIK it has what is called bug report and it will be fixed in SP1.

Carl said...

Can you please provide the MS document that identifies this as a bug?

Busbar said...

Hi Carl.
I am not an MVP nor a MS employee so I don't have the issue ID, but a customer of mine had that issue and contacted MS and they informed him that this is a bug.

Busbar said...

here is the case on Microsoft forums and confirmation that this is a bug and by design

Hutch said...

Anyone know if this is still to be expected in SP1 RU3v3 as I'm seeing it after doing a "Move all replicas" from our 2003 server.

I've tried deleting and re-creating the organization forms library on the 2010 server and it definitely has a replica on the 2010 server (confirmed with "get-publicfolder -Identity "\NON_IPM_SUBTREE\EFORMS REGISTRY" -Recurse | fl Name,Replicas").