Wednesday, May 12, 2010

How to configure the WNLB Multicast IP to be routable

as you all know when you configure microsoft WNLB in multicast mode, the IP is not routable from anotehr segments or VLANs thus cannot be reached residing in different VLANs trying to access the IP directly.

some of you might have to run Multicast NLB for one reason or another, to make it routable you will have to be pretty advanced network guys, but not so fancy gears, but here ae the general steps:
1- You need to be running PIM routing
2- Configure an ARP entry for the "unicast ip to multicast mac" 3- relationship on your layer 3 devices.
4- Configure static mac-address-table command that is on the interfaces where servers are conneccted.
5- Disable-snooping.

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