Wednesday, June 16, 2010

WildCard Certificate might not work with Outlook AnyWhere (exchange 2007/Exchang 2010)

Consider the following scenario:
You have an Exchange 2010 server for which we have a wildcard certificate. The SAN on the SSL cert is * That is fine However Outlook Anywhere, via autodiscovery, sets the required cert name to This will appears to prevent the user from logging on via Outlook Anywhere. If you remove the requirement for a particular SSL in Outlooks proxy settings then things work fine.

to solve this issue please make sure to run the following:
Set-OutlookProvider EXPR -Server $null -CertPrincipalName none



The Kronbergs said...

Or you can follow the online documentation and do this:

Set-OutlookProvider -Identity EXPR -CertPrincipalName msstd:*

Alex said...

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Harry said...

Outlook is a marvellous tool, but I have found it often lacks compatibility across the board. It seems the same is now with a wildcard certificate. There are enough work arounds and it isn't really a problem. Just more of an incovenience.

Rachel Burr said...

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mogali said...

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