Monday, October 27, 2008

Blog Post: CCM AD plugin notes

I have just installed CCM plug-in for Active Directory, I have several notes to share it with you, it will be usefull for you to note them down before starting your implementation:

-       The installation guide starts here: :)

-       The guide tells you to specify User Search Attribute, which should be SamAccountName, the guide doesn’t tell you that this is the login name, you will be able to search by first name and last name, but this is the login name.

-       To install the plug-in in child domain (typically if you have a root/child domain) you will need access to the schema admin.

-       The Cisco container needs to be on the root domain.

-       The domain name will be the root domain and the user search base DN will point the root domain, don’t worry the plug-in will grab the users from the child domain, don’t know how LOL.

-       You will need to place the registry key to enable schema updates even if you are running windows 2003.

-       I will upgrade to windows 2008 next weeks, hopefully it will last.

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