Monday, October 27, 2008

Blog Post: why CCM 4.3 support has been removed from OCS?

Well this is hard question,

When OCS released it was officially supported by MS for about 3 days, and then the support removed and only V5 and V6 was supported, to tell you the truth I have been testing OCS with V4.3 for a long period in my labs, and some of my customers went to a non-supported state for a period of time, but OCS/Exchange and V4.3 all works so fine. So why it is not supported.


Tricky, no one knows. But based on my lab testing, I found that OCS is using additional SIP extensions and messages that are not supported by older SIP entities that uses SIP standards, I have heard from couple of my friends that meetingplace and Cisco Video conferencing are not working as supposed to be when 4.3 in there.


So if you don’t want support from MS, then you can go with V4.3, not supported but you can go for it in lab testing and small piloting, beware that v4.3 will be out of support by mid of next yeaaaaar.

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