Monday, July 14, 2008

OCS: How many ports required for outbound telephony calls

Here is a nice question, suppose that you have your PBX infrastructure and you have OCS 2007 as well, you want to allow outbound/inbound calls from OCS to the external world, so how many port you need..

Well, this depends on the configuration you have, here is the options:

- For E1/T1 connection you don’t need any extra configuration, why, because if you have E1 this is will be an ISDN interface that has 30 channel so you have a 30 calls (outbound/inbound) in total so you might need to recalculate how many calls you do and if you need extra E1s, same applies for T1.

- If you have analog lines, then each analog line can do 1 call at a time, so you might need to recalculate that.

- If you have primacells, same here as analog lines.

- For faxing (In total) treat is a normal phone call so if you do faxing using your E1, so you have 30 channels, if analog lines same as above.


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