Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Design SCCM in multiple forests - more notes

This is will grow and grow, but here we go:

You don’t need to have native mode across the forests to be able to manage the other forests, as long as each forest as its own site. If you have single site that covers the 2 forest you will need SCCM in native mode.


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Balu said...


I have a problem since so many days.I cant figure out the problem and i cant understood the configuration for SCCM 2007 for Single site server for Multiple forests.

In my company, 3 different forests are exist and single domain for each forest.Then i deployed SCCM 2007 in One domain.That site server is capable to retrieve the site systems info. but unable to do process for other 2 domains.

My site server is configured on Mixed mode and there is no trust between Forests.And one more thing there is no child site servers, only single site server is available due to lack of resources.

Is it possible to configure my site server for all the forests without child siteservers? And what are the Alternatives?

Thanks in Advance.