Saturday, April 5, 2008

Exchange 2007 Reset Autocomplete in OWA

Here is a nice tip I found, how to reset the autocomplete names from OWA 2007, as you know this is cached and after some times and for a reason or another you may want reset it, so There email address are retrieved from the AutoComplete cache This cache list is saved in your mailbox. 0x7C080102 in anassociated message called IPM.Configuration.OWa.AutocompleteCache in the ROOT CONTAINER to reset this property you will have to use MAPEDITOR as following:

To get to the mailbox location where this (and other stored information for OWA) follow

these steps:

1. Launch Mapi Editor (MFCMAPI)

2. Select Logon and Display Store Table from the Session menu.

3. Choose a profile that is NOT configured for Exchange Cached Mode from Outlook. (If

you know that profile has cached mode enabled you can edit the profile in Control

Panel using the Mail icon.

4. Right click the entry that starts with Mailbox – in the Display Name column and

select Open Store. A new window showing the Root Container is opened.

5. Right click Root Container and select Open Associated Content Table. A new

window is displayed with a new message.

6. Scroll until you see the Message Class column.

7. Click on the IPM.Configuration.Owa.AutocompleteCache line entry once. (If you

double click it will open the message and its contents are not viewable.)

8. Find the property Name/Tag: 0x7C080102 in the list in the bottom section of the


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