Wednesday, April 9, 2008

SCOM is not monitoring DHCP server cluster resource

here is interesting info:

My customer has DHCP server is running on a cluster node, all of the other cluster groups are monitored but not the DHCP group this result that the virtual server not  included in the windows 2003 DHCP group and DHCP on it is not monitored, I found the issue: the issue that the discovery is processing the start reg value with object of 2, on the cluster the attribute is set to 3:









As I searched and most of my fellow consultants did, it looks that the DHCP MP is not cluster aware, and this will be fixed in the next version, so be careful as this is not mention anywhere in the documentation either in DHCP MP or cluster MP.



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hindsnc said...

We have the same problem in our organisation. All our DHCP servers are running on clusters. Very frustrating...

WINS MP has the same issue.

I am trying to create a new attribute/discovery to do this myself. I will reply back if I can get something working.