Monday, March 17, 2008

Exchange 2007 issue : digitally signed message cannot be verified in outlook

I just want to highlight to your note a new bug just reported couple of hours ago, if you send digitally signed emails and you have Edge server with attachment filtering enabled, the message will be delivered with “the message cannot be verified” errors, so you will have to disable the attachment filtering to be able to deliver the message successfully.


Just wanted to highlight this as you might get that error, this will be fixed in rollup update 2 for SP1


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Dr.Kernel said...

as Just Busbar Said, + it will be unverfied if you use HTML format for the message, if you use rich text or text it will be unverfied, but for HTML with digital signatue but without attachement will be verfied, but the only issue when it has attachement and it's an HTML format .. so you have to disable the attachement filter or you can remove-attachementfilterentry and remove the required attached file