Monday, March 10, 2008

Moving MOM database ot different SQL server

I had a call from a customer last week, he called me to move his MOM database from the current partition a new SAN allocated disk space, it was easy "I guessed" a simple attach and detach thing, however when I reached the customer location and met the team i found that they want to move the database from the current SQL server which is the MOM server, to a new Active/Active SQL cluster.

I done this before but never move the SQL database to new SQL active/active cluster I was a little scared because the SQL cluster was holding all of the databases of that customers application use(about 2 terabyte of data) and holding his application (7 international subsidiaries are using it) so i was very careful specially that they wanted me to work on the fly and no testing.

I did it and it went "almost" smoothly , i will post a step by step guide later on how to do it.

so visit the blog later and you will find it.


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