Friday, March 28, 2008

SCCM updates deployment : : unable to evaluate assignment

Last week I was deploying an SCCM SW update feature, I did it before a lot of times so I thought I was easy, I did everything, deployment template, package, update list, WSUS gpo, everything, and deployed a security hotfix to a test server and oops. It won’t get deployed.


Some logging revealed the following warning message at the client updatesdeployment.log unable to evaluate assignment GUID as it is not activated yet


I spent 2 hours trying to figure out the problem, then went to launch J, spending other 2 hours at launch J. Then get back to find that the update is deployed, at first glance I thought it was related to the GPO settings as it was scheduled to run at 3 AM and the update deployed at 3 PM exactly so I thought was something is going on.


After some advises from the great SCCM people, I found that the deployment plan is configured to run at UTC time, since I had + 4 hours ahead UtC and I created the package at 11 am it get deployed at 3 PM J.


So to force the update to occur at the specified time you have to make sure that the schedule is set to the local client time, or make sure to calculate the UTC + and -.


Next week I will be deploying SCOM SP1, so we will talk a lot about SCOM… c ya


Anonymous said...

Hey Brother!

I faced the same issue and I actually troubleshoot for a week!

Finally i managed to get it up and running by your advise!

Billion of thanks to you!

Busbar said...

Hi Brother.
Glad that I helped, You reminded me with the blog, but I was busy, I promise you to keep posting